• Image of 2 Go Mad In Boscaland - KVA009 / PARA005 - 12" VINYL -White Label Version - SOLD OUT

**** We have a limited quantity of this release as a plain white label version - this is exactly the same pressing as the first release that came in an artwork sleeve, but this version has plain white labels and comes in a plain gloss white card sleeve, as shown in the product photo ****

The ninth release on Keeping Vinyl Alive features five tracks taken from two incredibly rare and sought after 1992 old skool hardcore releases, 2 Go Mad In Boscaland EP and A Man Called Doom EP originally released on Little Giant Music. The A-side includes both tracks, “Do It” & “The Believer” from the 2 Go Mad In Boscaland EP (FTRAX23) release, written in 1992 by Freshtrax and the late DJ HMS - may he rest in peace and live on forever through his music. The B-side includes all three tracks, “Version Excursion”, “No Limits” and “Feel It” from the A Man Called Doom EP (FTRAX25), written by Freshtrax in 1992. Many thanks to John The Dentist A.K.A Freshtrax for letting us re-release this superb music.

Both these original releases are extremely hard to find – 2 Go Mad In Boscaland EP has sold for between £200 and £300 on the rare occasions it has appeared, and the A Man Called Doom EP is even rarer – the last time it has even appeared for sale online was over 11 years ago – these are proper holy grail releases for the serious hardcore collector!

Keeping Vinyl Alive are proud to be joining forces for a second time with Parallax Recordings for this release. Parallax Recordings is a vinyl label set up by Vali NME Click and, like Keeping Vinyl Alive, it focusses on unearthing long lost or deleted hardcore, jungle and DNB music. The label accompanies the Parallax events that Vali puts on in Kreuzberg / Berlin, Germany. The music policy features hardcore, darkcore, jungle techno and early DNB from 1990 – 1996.

Keeping Vinyl Alive are excited to be working again with this label and hope to do many more collaborations in the future!

The tracks on this vinyl are:

Side A1 – Freshtrax & HMS – Do It (1992)
Click HERE for a soundclip

Side A2 – Freshtrax & HMS – The Believer (1992)
Click HERE for a soundclip

Side B1 – Freshtrax – A Man Called Doom EP – Version Excursion (1992)
Click HERE for a soundclip

Side B2 – Freshtrax – A Man Called Doom EP – No Limits (1992)
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Side B3 – Freshtrax – A Man Called Doom EP – Feel It (1992)
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All five sounclips also available on Soundcloud HERE

All 4 tracks have been professionally restored from vinyl by Skunk Association and will be professionally remastered and cut by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering.

Like all previous Sublogic Recordings and Keeping Vinyl Alive releases, this has been pressed on highest quality heavyweight virgin black vinyl by Optimal GbmH in Germany.

I am only shipping to UK based customers from this site. If you are ordering for any other country, EU or the rest of the world, please place your order on the Parallax Recordings webstore here:

Parallax Recordings Webstore

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