• Image of On 1 Crew EP - KVA006 / PARA001 - 12" Vinyl - SOLD OUT
  • Image of On 1 Crew EP - KVA006 / PARA001 - 12" Vinyl - SOLD OUT

The original On 1 Crew - Let Em Ave It EP was a very rare 1993 hardcore release written and produced by Phil Llewellyn and Chris Alloway on Bump Records (Freshblood Posse) from Bristol, and featured the superb “Bad Dreams” track. Many heard this track at events and on tape packs after it was regularly played out in 1993 by LTJ Bukem but remained obscure and very hard to find on vinyl. This 2015 reissue features not only “Bad Dreams” but also three other previously unreleased tracks from the On 1 Crew – a never heard before remix of “Bad Dreams” (the Lost & Found Remix), and two stunning unreleased atmospheric jungle / DNB tracks – “Dreams Of Java (Different Story)” from 1994 and “Looking 4 Love” from 1995.

The tracks on this vinyl are:

Side A1 – On 1 Crew – Bad Dreams (1993)
Click HERE for a soundclip

Side A2 – On 1 Crew – Bad Dreams (The Lost & Found Remix) (Unreleased - 1993)
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Side B1 – On 1 Crew – Dreams Of Java (Different Story) (Unreleased - 1994)
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Side B2 – On 1 Crew – Looking 4 Love (Unreleased - 1995)
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All 4 tracks have been sourced from the original DAT recordings and will be professionally remastered and cut by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering.

Keeping Vinyl Alive are proud to be joining forces with Parallax Recordings for this release. Parallax Recordings is a brand new label set up by Vali NME Click and, like Keeping Vinyl Alive, it plans to focus on unearthing long lost or deleted hardcore, jungle and DNB music. The label accompanies the Parallax events that Vali puts on in Kreuzberg / Berlin, Germany. The music policy features hardcore, darkcore, jungle techno and early DNB from 1990 – 1996. Click HERE for info on their next event.

Vali has been an active DJ since 1994 and is part of the DNB outlet NME Click. As well as releasing music on labels including DSC14, Basswerk and Blu Saphir, he is also the graphic designer for Total Science labels CIA and Deepkut Records, and has produced sleeve designs for Metalheadz, Dispatch, Trust In Music and others.

Keeping Vinyl Alive are excited to be working with this new label and hope to do many more collaborations in the future!

Like all previous Sublogic Recordings and Keeping Vinyl Alive releases, this has been pressed on highest quality heavyweight virgin black vinyl.

*** Update - 25th January 2016 - This release is now in stock and shipping. All preorders placed for this item have now been sent out. Many thanks to everyone who preordered this! ***

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